Consulting in Biostatistics · Epidemiology and Public Health

BGStats provides statistical consulting services with an emphasis on statistical data analysis in the health sciences. If you require experts' know-how in biostatistics aimed to model data collected in a clinical study or support in research design or statistical analysis of epidemiological studies we offer professional solutions for your research issues. BGStats also assists in synthesizing or translating your research results within the public health context.

Consulting in Biostatistics




Data Analysis · Statistical Modelling

BGStats provides state-of-the-art statistical methodology aimed to extract all information captured in your research data.
Among others, we specialize in the following areas

  • Causal modelling of complex epidemiological or clinical data: Multi-level modelling,
    Mediation analysis, Structural equation modelling
  • Clinical prediction modelling with an emphasis on cardiovascular epidemiology
  • Analysis of longitudinal data: random effects modelling, survival analysis
  • Statistical analysis of genetic data: Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS),
    candidate gene analysis, mendelian randomization studies
  • Statistics for economics and advanced econometric modelling:
    Time series analysis for prediction and forecasting, panel data analysis
  • Health economic evaluations:  Decision analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis,
    cost benefit analysis

Data Analysis




Data Science · Big Data Analytics


  • We assist you in implementation and management of a secure and powerful Big Data architecture for integrating large and complex data from different data sources of a complex system (e.g. combining operational-, financial-, health- or social data of an institution)
  • We address the problem of structuring, monitoring and managing all your data aimed to get fast insights and provide valuable information.
  • We provide powerful methods to explore and visualize Big Data aimed to identify trends or patterns and to quantify correlations.
  • We provide state-of-the-art methodology for predictive analytics of Big Data foculsing on prediction modelling and forecasting.
  • The resulting statistical models provide the relevant signals for decision making aimed to enhance the key processes within your institution.

Data Science Big Data




Econometrics · Health Econometrics

BGStats provides professional support in health econometrics and advanced econometric modelling. You want to evaluate the health economic aspects of risk prediction, or to asses the cost-effectiveness/cost-benefit of a novel treatment option? BGStats provides modern solutions for design and conduct of health economic evaluation studies and expert know-how in modern econometrics such as analysis of panel data or time-series analysis.

Econometrics Health Econometrics





BGStats offers a variety of courses at different levels in the areas
Statistics, Epidemiology, Econometrics & Data Analysis

Actual courses:

· Epidemiology & Statistics:
· An Introduction to Biostatistics for Health Researchers
· An Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology
· Advanced statistical modelling techniques in modern epidemiology


· Statistics for Economics
· Basic Econometrics with STATA
· Advanced Econometric modelling with STATA

Statistical Data Analysis:

· An Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling
· Survival analysis with STATA
· Multi-level modelling with STATA
· Time series analysis with STATA


Courses Econometrics Statistical Data Analysis